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SMP for Men

Change your look, your confidence & your life


Initial Visit

Free Consultation. 

The consultation is an opportunity to address any questions and learn about your expectations.

We will cover all pre-care and post-care needs and develop an individually customized plan to fit your requirements. Here you can ask any questions you might have about your upcoming treatment and it allows us to put your mind at ease going forward. 

The consultation includes measurements, color matching, and pricing. All pigments are vegan and cruelty-free.

SMP is a good option for:

Thinning Hair

hairline 1

Receding Hairline




Scalp micropigmentation (also known as hair tattoo and SMP) is a great solution for men suffering from hair loss. SMP can ultimately be life-changing as it can create an entirely new hairline, making you look and feel years younger.

It is a technique where hundreds of micropigments are deposited into the scalp creating an illusion of a fully shaved head. The experts at Crown Design will assess your level of hair loss against the Norwood scale and be able to devise a treatment plan at your consultation.

You will no longer feel the need to hide under your hats and will be able to show off your new hairline proudly.

Customized by you, determined by you...

Receding/Natural Line

hairline 1

Natural Broken Line


Natural Defined Line


SMP is good for any stage of thinning hair, including alopecia.

It is also ideal for post chemo and thinning due to medications, hormones, aging and genetics. 

We will build the perfect hairline based on your face shape and design preference. Your hairline will be a hairline as unique as you are.