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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Hurt?

Scalp micropigmentation is an excellent way to fill out any bald spots and give your head a full head of hair and a closely shaved appearance. But even if you want the look, the thought of scalp micropigmentation pain might be enough to keep you from getting the treatment.

Learn more about what discomfort might be involved and how you can prepare correctly for your appointment.

Different People, Different Experiences

When it comes to scalp micropigmentation pain, everyone has a different threshold. Some may experience a little discomfort, while the pain might be more severe for other people.

Scalp tattoo artists have different experiences with different clients. That’s why the numbing cream is always around whenever the client needs it.

But the numbing cream isn’t the only way to keep discomfort at a minimum. You can do things to help before you even sit down for your appointment.


Managing Fears

If you are anxious or stressed, you will likely have an uncomfortable experience. So it’s best to be in the right state of mind during the procedure.

In dealing with the discomfort that may arise from the sound and the needle, learn how to manage any fear of needles so that you’re prepared before.

For most people who get this treatment, the process is more discomfort rather than scalp micropigmentation pain. Remembering that and not anticipating the worst will help you feel more relaxed and prepared.

Find the Right Technician

Another step you can make to ensure a better experience at the tattoo studio is choosing an experienced, knowledgeable technician. It makes a huge difference in alleviating unnecessary scalp micropigmentation pain and discomfort caused by the needle.

Well-trained tattoo artists also ensure the correct health and safety equipment for best results.

Where Is Pain Stronger?

Replicated hair follicles vary in size, with the smallest dots causing less pain than the larger ones. Also, you will find that some parts of the scalp are more sensitive than others. Parts of the scalp closer to the face are more susceptible to pain. They trigger your senses, and you may find yourself sneezing. Sensitive areas include the crown, frontal hairline, and temples.

Try It for Yourself

A qualified professional scalp micropigmentation artist will find ways to help you minimize the pain. Distract yourself by reading a book, playing on your phone, and doing anything to keep yourself distracted while the procedure goes on. You’ll likely find that the results are well worth the discomfort.

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